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Is there Mexican food with authentic Mexican staff?

There's no Mexican food there unless something changed the past 2 months.

Is Their Food Halal?

Yes. A restaurant called halal palace is there with middle eastern food, it's great.

are these open mics comedy and music? and is there an age req to perform? my friend and I are interested in doing this.

Yes, they have Poetry Slams as well.

Is there any parking??

You could park at Dunkin but make sure you move it before they close or they’ll tow your car

So I will be visiting Troy kitchen for my first time this weekend on Saturday , I was told you need to be 21 to eat there ... I am 20, will I still be able to go in eat and enjoy food without being in the bar area ? Please lmk ASAP

You don't need to be 21 to eat there...

What goin on tonight at the kitchen

This place is lit

Is there a restroom for customers? Didn't see any signage in the photos. the left of the entrance.

do you have open mics?

Mondays at 7pm

Are you guys doing delivery ?


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